Everett Graham

I just recently had my second baby, Ryan James, and he has completely transformed my world the last two months. Being back in babyland has helped me realize a few things, and here's the truth: fresh, sweet-smelling little babies bring such a simplicity to an otherwise highly complicated world. There is so much to be afraid of, so much to contemplate and worry about these days. And yet, the warmth and peace a little one brings can transform a home for the better. 

Yes, there are crazy moments. Yes, there are sleepless nights. But there are times where all that's happening is me, cuddled up with Ryan face to face, breathing onto his little forehead and bridge of his nose (as he likes it best), and everything seems alright. Not perfect -- but you know deep down in your soul that everything going to be alright. 

The morning I had with the White family was a wonderful, easygoing session where I got to know their new little guy, Everett Graham. He is just the most peaceful, sweet little baby. Jessica and Scott are very lucky parents. 

This little guy is pure light... and I can't wait to share him with you.