Class of 2014: Gabriella

Gaby and I have known each other for nearly five years. Ever since we have met, Gaby has been going full throttle at her teaching career. All the while, she has made a profound impact on many people by volunteering and pouring her time into children around her. Gaby is one of the most focused, selfless women I know. Not only do many young women look up to her, but many people of all ages respect and love her to the highest degree.

This May, many of us in her corner have had the opportunity to cheer her on as she accepts her teaching degree. If I were a parent at the school she will be teaching at, I would fight tooth and nail to have my daughter learn under this wonderful woman. Can you tell how proud I am? :)

I love you, Gaby - and words can't express how thrilled I am for this next chapter in your story!