Curtis Family

I love when families make it a point to commemorate as many milestones as possible in a baby's life. Little Brody recently turned 8 months old in the beginning of March. With the 8 month mark comes a lot of milestones! He's pulling himself up, he's teething like a champ, and he charms the pants off anyone who walks by him. Are his eyes not THE MOST beautiful thing you've ever seen?!

I adore spending time with families on photo sessions and I LOVE watching sibling relationships the most. The way Shayne and Ryley love on their little brother makes my heart grow three times over. They're so doting on that manly baby! To watch these girlies be my BEST assistants to make their brother smile -- all the while singing and dancing and collecting little leaves and treasures for me -- was such a wonderful afternoon spent on my part. 

I hope you enjoy these photos as much as I loved taking them!