Kayden Gerard

This past week, I got to spend some time with the sweetest little baby boy named Kayden and his awesome parents, Dan and Alison. I had such a fantastic time photographing in their home because of the amazing natural light that streamed in and made everything that much dreamier. Kayden already has big ideas on how he likes his days to look like and will let you know when he's not feelin' it. :)

Being around this spirited, sweet little boy blessed my soul in ways I couldn't explain. There is so going on in the world today that weighs heavily on all of our hearts, but holding a fresh life that breathes so steadily, so confidently, somehow makes everything seem okay. I was extremely grateful to meet this family and I'm excited to show you our afternoon together.


Kayden Gerard-14.jpg

Liam Turns One!

A week ago, I got a chance to get to know a little guy named Liam on a beautiful sunny day in the park. He's a smart, funny, charming boy that's full of spirit and spunk. :) He ADORES Mickey Mouse and his favorite book right now is Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? Liam is going to be a big deal one day with the support of his amazing, super smart parents -- Alyssa (a teacher) and Mohamed (an engineer). I loved watching their family operate and I'm grateful for our time together. I'm so excited to share this family!

A quick little note: Alyssa put together a collection of items to give his photos lots of pop and personality. Can I just call attention to the fact that Alyssa did Liam's sign all by her own hand! THAT is amazing. I was floored! 

Curtis Family

I love when families make it a point to commemorate as many milestones as possible in a baby's life. Little Brody recently turned 8 months old in the beginning of March. With the 8 month mark comes a lot of milestones! He's pulling himself up, he's teething like a champ, and he charms the pants off anyone who walks by him. Are his eyes not THE MOST beautiful thing you've ever seen?!

I adore spending time with families on photo sessions and I LOVE watching sibling relationships the most. The way Shayne and Ryley love on their little brother makes my heart grow three times over. They're so doting on that manly baby! To watch these girlies be my BEST assistants to make their brother smile -- all the while singing and dancing and collecting little leaves and treasures for me -- was such a wonderful afternoon spent on my part. 

I hope you enjoy these photos as much as I loved taking them!



Everett Graham

I just recently had my second baby, Ryan James, and he has completely transformed my world the last two months. Being back in babyland has helped me realize a few things, and here's the truth: fresh, sweet-smelling little babies bring such a simplicity to an otherwise highly complicated world. There is so much to be afraid of, so much to contemplate and worry about these days. And yet, the warmth and peace a little one brings can transform a home for the better. 

Yes, there are crazy moments. Yes, there are sleepless nights. But there are times where all that's happening is me, cuddled up with Ryan face to face, breathing onto his little forehead and bridge of his nose (as he likes it best), and everything seems alright. Not perfect -- but you know deep down in your soul that everything going to be alright. 

The morning I had with the White family was a wonderful, easygoing session where I got to know their new little guy, Everett Graham. He is just the most peaceful, sweet little baby. Jessica and Scott are very lucky parents. 

This little guy is pure light... and I can't wait to share him with you.




The Magnumm Family

Almost exactly two years ago, I was able to meet Sebastian - a sweet, adventurous toddler who was just learning to talk. We had a fabulous, fabulous time doing his birthday photos. Sebastian's mother, Monika, recently reached out to me again because of a new little addition in their family! To be invited back into a home of a client that I've known before is the highest honor - and even makes the process easier the second time around :)

This time, I did photos here and there of the whole family. I could go on and on about how Christian is just his own little man - already - at seven weeks old... but you'll be able to see that for yourself once you get down to the photo where he's holding up his strong little neck all by himself. This kid is going places! You can already tell determined and persistant are already words that will follow him for the rest of his precious, little life.


Boys and their toys... especially dinosaurs. :)


Emelia Surrah Sung

It feels like I've been waiting forever to meet Emelia. When the day came that I got to meet this sweet little one, I sped down to Miami Beach and almost arrived too early -- something I have never been known for in my life. The truth is this, though... There's nothing sweeter than holding a sweet, tiny, baby girlie in your arms. 

Emelia Surrah is a petite little beauty with a fiery side -- even at one month old! We had the most wonderful time that bright and beautiful morning snuggling and playing dress-up with her cute little tutu and headbands. So much sweetness.

As I contemplated the shoot afterwards on my drive home, I felt the overwhelming blessing of what this little beauty has in store for her life. She has patient, loving parents who are ready to give her the universe at a moment's notice, a warm and safe home, and the gumption built inside her to make a change in her world. 

Emelia, you are pure joy. And I can't wait to see what you do with your life.



James Frederick Auld III

Last Friday, I had the opportunity of spending the morning with this wonderful little family. I met up with JimBo and Noel a few months ago to do some maternity photos for them, and now their little handsome prince has FINALLY arrived! Sweet, little James is every bit as charming as he looks. His twinkly blue eyes are totally captivating and my heart soared when he started talking and gurgling to me (squeal!). 

When I have to chance to photograph new life, I grab it. There's nothing better than spending a relaxed morning with a brand new family in their home. Especially in a room as COOL as James' is!

JimBo and Noel, thank you for letting me peek in on your life periodically and capture the fun and sweetness that is your family. 



Victoria Grace Benedict

Dear beautiful Victoria ~

You're finally here after so much anticipation. Do you know how much you're adored already by many? Your sweet face is pure sunshine. You bring so much joy into the world at just a tender four weeks old. The way my heart swelled when I held your tiny body in my hands made my heart swirl with a peace that only fresh little babies can bring.

What a privilege it was to spend time with one of my amazing friends, Linda, and her little princess for an afternoon. I think the best part of these photos for me, is knowing that these two special ladies have each other... for life. That is bliss.





You. The one who jumps up and down in your crib with glee when I come get you in the morning. The you who downs ice cream like it's no one's business. The adventurous spirit that pursues and fixates on the tiniest thing on the floor until you get it between your chubby fingers.

You. The cuddler. The snuggler. The one who clings to the bottom of my pants to remain steady on her feet (for now).

You. The one who changed my entire life in one moment, with one glance at your writhing, discontent, little red body. The one who kept me up at night and pushed my exhaustion to the limit that I never thought I could reach. The one who I loomed over in wee hours of the night, just to watch you breathe.

You. The sloppy, wet kisses on my cheek and the clingy puff I found on my dress at the end of the day. The little toe prints on my kitchen floor. The mound of toys in the TV room I clean up every. single. night. All you. 

You. The strong-willed, sweet girl you are... I pray for you every day. I pray for compassion, kindness, and gratitude to be your life line, your go-to. I pray for God - Jesus Christ - to be so REAL and so tangible to you at a young age that you wouldn't even recall a day where you weren't a child in God's family.

I loved our first year together. I will love the next one even more.

I love you, Rowan Elisabeth.

I love YOU.







Slippers & Giggles

Rowan Elisabeth,

You're almost four months old now. Time has gotten away from me. I remember when you were teeny tiny and could barely hold your neck up only months ago. Now, you're (practically!) independent. Well, at least to me! Sitting up, grabbing, constantly kicking and moving your little limbs. You smile like a champ, and you most recently started giggling. Very rarely still, but daddy got you to do about 10 consecutive "hee-hee-hee's" while playing peek-a-boo. I think you're clever and are still holding out on us for some reason. 

Today, I was inspired by some fun slippers one of your friends gave you. We had a lot of fun today :)

I will always love you. I pray for you every day. I pray you are wise and virtuous, compassionate and have a good sense of humor. Smart. Loving. Enthusiastic. You are a wonder to me already and I can't wait for the fun the next couple months are going to bring.

I love you, little bun <3










Newly Born: Jack Orr

People say you forget how little and tiny they are, and I used to never believe them before I had a baby... but it's totally true. Rowan is now three months old. THREE. MONTHS. OLD. Although I'm still a new mom and Rowan really isn't that old, I was surprised to be completely enamored with his little frame and new baby smell because of the time that has passed already. 

I was so excited to do little Jack's newborns. He was such a good and content baby :) One thing I really appreciate before a shoot like this is preparedness and organization. Babies have such a short window of time where they're fed, changed, and content that everyone needs to be on their toes. John and Heather had things around their house they knew they wanted to use, and he was happy and fed within minutes of me getting there. This allowed us to maximize our time together and we were able to get some beautiful portraits of this little guy within an hour.


Jack's daddy is a pilot... perhaps he'll be one, too :)


One of my favorites...


We decided to get a quick snapshot of Rowan and her new friend :) Her head is so big compared to his!

(They both look like they're saying "WHAT is going on here?!")

Ah :) I love this little guy and his parents.


I wish you the best, Heather, John, and baby Jack <3