Mary + Matt

Life happens in a series of moments. Most of those moments can seem insignificant, but turn out to be absolutely monumental -- even life-changing -- in hindsight. I don't know if Matt and Mary knew that grabbing a quick drink together in Scotland would manifest into an exhilarating, fun relationship that would lead to a life together. 

Matt and Mary are fun, extremely caring, and are world travelers. I love their sense of adventure and carefree spirits. I had a wonderful time with these two. And I'm so happy to watch their love adventure continues.



Joanna + Jesse

Joanna is probably one of my favorite people in the world. Not only are we family (she's my cousin!), but she has a heart of gold. AND she's hilarious and loves to be a huge dork... just like me! She has such a wonderful sense of self and purpose. I knew it would take an amazing guy to be able to get (ahem... convince) her to marry him. One. Special. Guy. It takes a lot of energy to keep up with Joanna's wit and personal drive... and Jesse was her match.

They met at Liberty University. Joanna is from Wisconsin, and to the surprise (and glee) of all of her family, Jesse has roots down here! Literally 20 miles from me - AND he runs in a lot of the same friend circles as my husband. Who knew! It was meant to be.

I love these two together. Jesse is on his way to seminary in North Carolina, so that's where they will have their first home. They're so incredible supportive of each other and can't wait to serve the church and their surrounding communities together as a team. I can't wait to see how God grows their marriage in the coming years.

I love you both to the moon!





Robert + Gabriela: Engaged

It was on a signature South Florida evening with a giant blue sky and a steady breeze where I finally met Gabriela and Robert. We had been emailing about this day back and forth for quite some time, and I was excited to finally put faces to the people I had corresponded with for so long. The scent of salt water from the marina and seafood from Monty's laced the air as I waited patiently. As they jumped out of the car, quickly embraced me, and started sharing their vision for our time together, I knew I had a very special couple to photograph.

In any life event, family and friends are absolutely vital. There are so many intricate details to a wedding and a lot of support that is required of the bride and groom's family. As Gabriela and Robert stepped out of the car, Gabriela's parents, Robert's mother, AND - wait for it - Gabriela's entire bridal party also joined us! All were there to show their support and cheer them on as they got their photos taken. They held outfits, props, and even fed me strawberries in between shots (I kid you not - this was the best day of my life). I have also decided that I need a strawberry carrier for my photo shoots from now on. ;)

Gabriela and Robert have a story much like my own. They met when they were very young. When Robert finally mustered up the courage to ask Gabi out, she was thrilled! Not only were they together, but they became the best of friends. Gabi was quickly taken with his subtle nature, and he adored her free, artistic spirit and beautiful smile she flashed at him when she was over-the-moon happy. All the way down to inside jokes and sweet nicknames, they have it all. Gabi's mom put it so well -- she whispered to me as I was shooting with a tear in her eye, "They are the best of friends... and now they are the best of lovers. Gabi and Robert are so special."

By the end of the shoot, I felt loved like a family member. This wedding is going to be fun, crazy, and LOUD - just the way weddings should be.

Gabriela and Robert, you two are so very special and I wish you all the best of luck in your beautiful future together!





Although it was practically dark, I wanted to take a photo of the fun and crazy caravan we had that night!

Fil + Alexandra

Friendships always get richer, better with time. There are awkward eras, nights where you laugh so hard you can barely breathe, and millions upon millions of words exchanged between two friends throughout the years. History among friends is a treasure, and a privilege. It doesn't happen very often.

Fil has been in my husband's life since 5th grade, and has been in and out of both our lives for close to a decade. He came down from Pensacola on a trip one weekend. When he let on about a girl he had started talking to (Alex), his slight smile revealed everything. And that's Fil... subtle and meaningful. From that moment on, I knew Alex was different. And special.

They're engaged to be married now, and I am so thankful I will know these two for the rest of my life as a couple, and as better... together.

Fil and Alex, I absolutely love what love looks like to you. I am beyond thrilled that you both have found joy and happiness in each other. I can't wait for December. 






Engaged: Yessenia + Josh

[or so she thought]

It was one of those typical nights at Christ Fellowship youth group. Kids were taking their seats and talking amongst themselves before the band started. Just a typical night... or so Yessenia thought. Josh walked up to his guitar on stage and started playing the first worship song and Yessenia was instantly intrigued.

"Who is that worship leader band kid?" she thought. "He's super cute." 

Shy because she was a little younger than him, she just admired him and eyed him from afar, thinking he wouldn't really notice her... or so Yessenia thought. They eventually started dating and got really serious about each other. She loved the twinkle in his eyes when he laughed, he loved her big, confident smile. 

Things kept progressing. Josh's twin brother Chris and sister-in-law Natasha got married in March. Still not engaged, Josh and Yessenia both were in the wedding party, and the big question to them was: "When are you guys next?!" They really didn't know what to say. Yessenia thought the plans to get engaged were still a bit further down the road... or so she thought. Josh proposed to Yessenia in July of this year, and they plan to get hitched in December. 

And lucky upon lucky, they chose me to do their engagement photos! I had an absolute blast with them. Photography really shouldn't be THIS easy...






It was a VERY cloudy day for most of the shoot... but then the SUN came out. Yessenia, you are so fierce. Can't handle it.



I love black and white photos. The end.


Happy almost weekend, everyone!



[For those of you who will ask, Yessenia got that beautiful lace dress from Zara - so incredibly gorgeous. I would even see it as a short alternative to a traditional wedding dress. It's THAT fabulous, my friends.]

Engaged: Lydia + Kevin

There are always relationships that develop over time. You know what I'm talking about. Two people who know each other for a significant amount of time, but it takes some time to get everything going. Lydia and Kevin have known each other as friends for years. And finally - to the sheer delight of their family and friends - they fell in love and are now getting married in July 2012!

Every single thing in the shoot screams their personalities and lives. I absolutely love when clients strategically stylize their shoots to best reflect them. Since Kevin is a firefighter, they used their hookup at the Pompano Beach Fire Museum to bring out firetrucks from the 1920's (!!!) that we could use. Lydia loves cupcakes, so she brought a custom gourmet cupcake from her favorite bakery to incorporate. Little details like this are something only the client can draw out of themselves and makes the shoot so much more interesting and personalized.






And honestly... the photo below is my personal favorite - a test shot, of all things. Obviously, Lydia and Kevin aren't in focus and there any photo critic would mark a bunch of technicalities, but I love this photo most because a crazy old homeless man (Santa in disguise?) is staring at me because I'm acting like a fool behind the camera AND Lydia and Kevin totally let loose and danced. My main goal when I get to spend a couple hours with anyone I photograph is to get them to let loose and have fun. And because of that, flattering photos are a natural a byproduct of our fun time together. This photo was a win for me - not because it's technically good... but it reaffirmed that I absolutely, positively love what I do.





I would also love to thank Robert Brantley publicly. Rob came out at Kevin's request to run the old firetrucks, give me a tour of the property, and just make sure I was safe and didn't kill myself (but he didn't know that part). I learned in conversation that he gave his personal time to rebuild the old Pompano Beach firetrucks from long ago, so they wouldn't be forgotten. He also is helping curate different relics from old-time Pompano Beach to contribute to the museum. People like Rob are few and far between. They give up their free time to pour themselves into a project that will far outlive their lifetime. Rob retired a week after this shoot. The world is better because of people like him, and for this, I am thankful.




Lydia and Kevin, thank you for this unique opportunity to capture your lives. Marriage is a journey that is so incredibly wonderful - I can't wait until July 2012 :)



UM Engagement: Claudine & Michael

It was fate that brought them together on a supposed-to-be normal, nondescript night at a bar in The Grove. Claudine and Michael, both students at University of Miami, had never crossed paths before. Until that very night. Ever since then, you could find Claudine and Michael, hand in hand, strolling the UM campus together. Sitting in the big, outdoor swinging booths at Rathskeller's on campus, eating their famous chicken fingers. Studying (or not). Tailgating and cheering loudly at Hurricanes games. And now, their separate journeys are merging.

Claudine and Michael are very special. They glow when they're with each other. They laugh and joke... a lot. It's easy to see that they both naturally bring out the best in each other, and it was an honor to get to spend so much time with them at their Alma Mater.

Claudine and Michael, best of luck to you both. I had the best time with you both and I couldn't have spent my Friday evening better! Love you both!







The picture on the right is totally spontaneous! There were group salsa classes on the Quad, and Michael and Claudine joined in and rocked it out!






It's all about the U, baby!


I just love this moment. Totally envelopes their relationship.


Um, Claudine... could you be more FIERCE?! Work it, girl!