Kayden Gerard

This past week, I got to spend some time with the sweetest little baby boy named Kayden and his awesome parents, Dan and Alison. I had such a fantastic time photographing in their home because of the amazing natural light that streamed in and made everything that much dreamier. Kayden already has big ideas on how he likes his days to look like and will let you know when he's not feelin' it. :)

Being around this spirited, sweet little boy blessed my soul in ways I couldn't explain. There is so going on in the world today that weighs heavily on all of our hearts, but holding a fresh life that breathes so steadily, so confidently, somehow makes everything seem okay. I was extremely grateful to meet this family and I'm excited to show you our afternoon together.


Kayden Gerard-14.jpg

Liam Turns One!

A week ago, I got a chance to get to know a little guy named Liam on a beautiful sunny day in the park. He's a smart, funny, charming boy that's full of spirit and spunk. :) He ADORES Mickey Mouse and his favorite book right now is Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? Liam is going to be a big deal one day with the support of his amazing, super smart parents -- Alyssa (a teacher) and Mohamed (an engineer). I loved watching their family operate and I'm grateful for our time together. I'm so excited to share this family!

A quick little note: Alyssa put together a collection of items to give his photos lots of pop and personality. Can I just call attention to the fact that Alyssa did Liam's sign all by her own hand! THAT is amazing. I was floored! 

Curtis Family

I love when families make it a point to commemorate as many milestones as possible in a baby's life. Little Brody recently turned 8 months old in the beginning of March. With the 8 month mark comes a lot of milestones! He's pulling himself up, he's teething like a champ, and he charms the pants off anyone who walks by him. Are his eyes not THE MOST beautiful thing you've ever seen?!

I adore spending time with families on photo sessions and I LOVE watching sibling relationships the most. The way Shayne and Ryley love on their little brother makes my heart grow three times over. They're so doting on that manly baby! To watch these girlies be my BEST assistants to make their brother smile -- all the while singing and dancing and collecting little leaves and treasures for me -- was such a wonderful afternoon spent on my part. 

I hope you enjoy these photos as much as I loved taking them!



Being Together

Is there anything better than pulling off a huge surprise for your mother? So good that you make her cry huge, happy tears? I think not.

These girls below are spread all over and rarely get to see each other face-to-face all at the same time. This Christmas, they all secretly planned to be home to celebrate Christmas with their mother together, as a bunch, as a sisterhood. To top it off, they decided to make some family portraits happen on Christmas Day. 

I had so much fun with these girls. Their love for each other and their mother shines bright.

Everett Graham

I just recently had my second baby, Ryan James, and he has completely transformed my world the last two months. Being back in babyland has helped me realize a few things, and here's the truth: fresh, sweet-smelling little babies bring such a simplicity to an otherwise highly complicated world. There is so much to be afraid of, so much to contemplate and worry about these days. And yet, the warmth and peace a little one brings can transform a home for the better. 

Yes, there are crazy moments. Yes, there are sleepless nights. But there are times where all that's happening is me, cuddled up with Ryan face to face, breathing onto his little forehead and bridge of his nose (as he likes it best), and everything seems alright. Not perfect -- but you know deep down in your soul that everything going to be alright. 

The morning I had with the White family was a wonderful, easygoing session where I got to know their new little guy, Everett Graham. He is just the most peaceful, sweet little baby. Jessica and Scott are very lucky parents. 

This little guy is pure light... and I can't wait to share him with you.




The Ringdahl Family

I was able to spend some time with the Ringdahl family a few weeks ago, and let me say this: I can't WAIT to have a 5 year old. Little Maya has SUCH a bright and beautiful spirit. She was my dedicated helper throughout the session, and she is the most hilarious little girl. Her giggles throughout the shoot brought me so much joy.

I loved the way Lindsay coordinated their outfits and brought special details that made each girl's personality pop. I had the best time watching these three little women run circles around their main man, Noah, and him loving every minute of it. Most of all, I had the beautiful blessing of watching these two sisters love on each other. We were even able to commemorate little Maci's first birthday with a beautiful arangement of balloons and a little smash cake! I had so much fun with this little family, and I can't wait to share these with you!

The Feliz Family

On every photo shoot I do, I seek to be a blessing to the family or couple I work with. Lots of the photos I am asked to do commemorate an entry into a new stage of life.  As you know, there are always pro's and con's to every new stage, and I always love hearing different perspectives.

Although I set out to be a cheerful encourager to Jenyffer and Silver on their precious son, Misael, turning one... they totally lifted my spirits by the end of our time together. So many times, families have a hard time relaxing due to the stressful nature of simply getting children out the door (any parents with me? I can totally relate!). Jenyffer and Silver's teamwork together (and laid back demeanor) was an amazing thing to watch and made a huge difference in the smooth, relaxed nature of our time together. They're already dreaming out loud about a large family and couldn't give enough affection to their little man the entire time. He is pretty squeezable, I have to admit. :)

Once again, I am reminded of how blessed I am to be able to meet all types of amazing families in the South Florida area. Jenyffer and Silver, you're one of the best. I'm so honored to be able to show these to you. Thank you for giving me a little slice of your heaven.




Jenyffer, motherhood looks so beautiful on you... these images are some of my favorite.

The Westfall Family

I have loved Mary Kate and Ashley probably my whole life. It doesn't matter how old I get, I still can't get enough of them! I probably saw every movie and Full House episode. I even dreamed of being a twin my whole life! The closest thing I have is when people often mistake me and my sister Kelsey as twins - which I love. Haha!

I had the opportunity to photograph two adorable 13 year old girlies named Emily and Katie recently and I have to admit, I totally had a huge Mary Kate and Ashley gush moment. I was so excited when their mother, Ginger, requested a family shoot with the focus being on these two! We had a blast. These girls are hilarious! I loved their banter and how they tried their absolute hardest to irritate one another. Deep down, they're some serious sister love going on (whether they refuse to acknowledge it yet or not). And Ginger and Michael just stole my heart. They're just about the sweetest couple who are obviously totally in love with their girls. This photoshoot made me eagerly look forward to how my daughter, Rowan, will be at this age. I can't wait!

The Cordero Family

One of my favorite things some of my clients do is wear bright, poppy colors. I adore the dynamic it brings to a photo and gives it a spark of personality and interest. When the Cordero family showed up in their coordinated candy apple red outfits... I could've died! I knew it would be an incredible color to offset the greenery that the park offered.

I can never get in the car fast enough to photograph this family every year! Not only is it totally easy, but it's tons of fun. Diego and Isabel are so sweet and incredibly active. It makes every single photo different and keeps the pace going! Sebastian is the perfect big brother who balances the sibling trio and keeps everyone on track. Manny and Erika are one of the most selfless and kind hearted couples I know. I am incredibly lucky to know them.



The Herwig Family

I always look forward to spending time with the Herwig family when they book a portrait session. Not only are they fun to be around, but they're very detail-oriented as far as the creative direction their photos head in. They are always full of ideas and I LOVE when clients are specific with me up front! Their only request this time around? They have a beautiful 11x14 landscape frame that they update every year, so they wanted a beautiful landscape family portrait that they would love to look at all year round. Other than that, the ball was in my court to come up with some fun, candid portraits.

We had so, so, so much fun. These kids are growing up so fast! All members of this family are all running at high capacity most of the time. Aaron and Emily are highly involved in church and the kids (Holly, Heidi, and Brady) are the middle of all their school sport seasons. Somehow, they still squeezed me in and I'm so grateful to be able to watch this family evolve in the best ways on a yearly basis.



Baptism: Christian Noah

Last week, I had the chance to photograph a beautiful Catholic baptism for one of my littlest clients, Christian. I have never been to one before and it was such a beautiful experience. I loved the beautiful, vibrant colors of St. Bernadette's church, listening to the comfort of the prayers spoken, and experiencing the joy of the family and close friends as they came together to celebrate a very pivotal moment in little Christian's life. It was a lovely, lovely time. 

I am a broken record, I know - but when clients ask me to return again and again for the little exciting events their lives, it makes my heart burst. I get a front seat to little faces growing up, lovers taking the next step in their lives, and new milestones taking place.

Monika and Wayne, thank you over and over for allowing me to be involved on this special day. I love you and your two little boys to the highest degree. 



Expecting: Megan + Phil

On one of the prettiest evenings we’ve had so far this Fall, I had to chance to sneak away to the beach and meet Megan and Phil and create some photographs together. They’re brand new to the South Florida area and heard about me through some friends (Hi, Noel! xoxo!). It was one of the most fun shoots I have done this year in terms of the hilarious company, and also one of the most inspiring.

Megan and Phil have been through a tornado of life changes (they met, dated, got engaged, and married… all within a YEAR). They recently moved down to South Florida, and now, sweet little Parker Nathaniel is on his way! He is due mid-December and I am beyond excited to meet this little miracle baby!

Yes, miracle.

In the beginning of Megan’s pregnancy, she went to the doctor after feeling not quite right and was told her body was actively preparing for a miscarriage. All the signs were there. Her womb was silent and no heartbeat was found. Megan and Phil were completely devastated.

On the day they planned to go to the doctor and take care of the miscarriage, Megan and Phil’s hearts were in turmoil about the procedure. Not feeling quite right, they made a team decision to take a non-invasive approach instead and allow her body to take care of it naturally. They got sent home.

Well… nothing happened.



At the follow up appointment, there was a heartbeat. There was a kicking, breathing sweet little boy. There was Parker Nathaniel Milakovic.

Miracles do happen. And I’m proud to share this one with you today.





The Magnumm Family

Almost exactly two years ago, I was able to meet Sebastian - a sweet, adventurous toddler who was just learning to talk. We had a fabulous, fabulous time doing his birthday photos. Sebastian's mother, Monika, recently reached out to me again because of a new little addition in their family! To be invited back into a home of a client that I've known before is the highest honor - and even makes the process easier the second time around :)

This time, I did photos here and there of the whole family. I could go on and on about how Christian is just his own little man - already - at seven weeks old... but you'll be able to see that for yourself once you get down to the photo where he's holding up his strong little neck all by himself. This kid is going places! You can already tell determined and persistant are already words that will follow him for the rest of his precious, little life.


Boys and their toys... especially dinosaurs. :)


The Cronan Family

One of my favorite things as a photographer is getting a front seat to the wild, lighthearted fun that exists within every family. I don't know - something just happens when time itself isn't a factor in any activity. Although I technically take people on a photoshoot (and yes, sometimes it can get stressful), my end goal is always to candidly photograph that deep, inner joy and contentment that every family has when they're together in an unhurried environment.

Jodi and Casey are two of the smartest, most hardworking people I've met yet. They are both medical professionals in two separate fields, and (AND!) they have two boys. Their schedules are crazy, the hours are long, and I can't imagine the stress that comes with their daily life. But - they make it work. Somehow.

This time was really special for me. Watching a family that actually has to put the pen to paper to schedule downtime together (versus busyness) have so much fun, brought me a happiness I can't explain.

Jodi, Casey, sweet Jack, and Graham, thank you. Thank you for letting me do this for you, and inviting me in to your super fun world.




After they invited me into their home for a bit... we hit the beach! :)


Jodi, you are radiant.

The Purchase Family

The beach is the place where I find solitude... the place where I can feel small. I love to run on the beach, read on the beach, or just sit and soak it all in. It's a beautiful place I can escape to and expect joy every time I go.

Sweetly enough, my nephew Marshall shares this sentiment with me :) There is not one place this little man loves to spend his time more than near the ocean. The joy on his face is evident - and I couldn't wait to share his joy with you, too.

A dad and his son... nothing like it. :)

James Frederick Auld III

Last Friday, I had the opportunity of spending the morning with this wonderful little family. I met up with JimBo and Noel a few months ago to do some maternity photos for them, and now their little handsome prince has FINALLY arrived! Sweet, little James is every bit as charming as he looks. His twinkly blue eyes are totally captivating and my heart soared when he started talking and gurgling to me (squeal!). 

When I have to chance to photograph new life, I grab it. There's nothing better than spending a relaxed morning with a brand new family in their home. Especially in a room as COOL as James' is!

JimBo and Noel, thank you for letting me peek in on your life periodically and capture the fun and sweetness that is your family. 



The Herwig Family

The Herwig family and I met up last week on an absolutely beautiful fall afternoon to get some fun family photos for the year. Aaron, Emily, Holly, Heidi, and Brady are definitely a group that is on the hustle from one activity (sports, church, volunteering) to another, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

I really appreciate that they budgeted time during the busiest season of the year to freeze this year's version of their family. I love them even more for letting me have the privilige of doing it for them. It's sessions like this that remind why I love what I do so much!






Boesch Family

The diversity, love, and chaos that you experience when you meet a foster or adoptive family is a feeling unlike any other. Foster and adoptive families are a good time. In South Florida, I've been blessed to meet many families that have decided to take children in unfortunate family circumstances and love them like their own. Although this is a blessing, this family calling is not easy - there is lots of potential for heartbreak when things don't go as planned. But, sometimes... things go right. And new, permanent families are created out of this gift.

Meet the Boesch family. 

John and Megan were foster parents to Eli and Isaiah for quite a long time and finally, the opportunity came to adopt these little ones as their own. They traveled all the way down from Virginia (their residence) to the Broward County Courthouse to make this happen. 

In the courtroom, there were many witnesses and friends present. John, Megan, Eli, and Isaiah have been on quite a journey. All friends and family spoke with a personal story about these two boys and their road to becoming a part of this family. There were lots of tears and beaming smiles.

As time goes on, I realize that the DNA for families are all created differently. Biological, adoptive, foster, whatever. They are all good and perfect and right. I was so honored to be able to witness this amazing family finally be declared as a legal family. Bound to one another. For life. 

Freezing time for families brings me the richest satisfaction. 

Hope you all are well.




(p.s. - Exciting announcement for the holidays coming soon!)

Victoria Grace Benedict

Dear beautiful Victoria ~

You're finally here after so much anticipation. Do you know how much you're adored already by many? Your sweet face is pure sunshine. You bring so much joy into the world at just a tender four weeks old. The way my heart swelled when I held your tiny body in my hands made my heart swirl with a peace that only fresh little babies can bring.

What a privilege it was to spend time with one of my amazing friends, Linda, and her little princess for an afternoon. I think the best part of these photos for me, is knowing that these two special ladies have each other... for life. That is bliss.





I really do have the best in-laws and family in the whole world. I love each and every one of them. I love every boisterous gathering. Birthdays, Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Fourth of July are my favorite time to get together and just be LOUD.

Tonight, we celebrated Keira's 6th birthday. SIX. Jimmy and I were celebrating our 1.5 year dating anniversary when she was born! She was a little love muffin then and NOW she's a beautiful girlie who has the BIGGEST heart. I even bought her gifts this year from Forever21. True story. WHERE DOES TIME GO?!

I'm so thankful to have beautiful family members to practice on, and also the opportunity to document our family's fun throughout the years. :)



Oh, to have a lifelong best friend at 6 years old. 


Keira and Lexi, you blessed my heart today <3 Friendship is a beautiful thing.


Malia & Maddie stepped in, too.



I love these boys so much. Landon and Caden... you have my heart <3