Class of 2014: Elisabeth

When Elisabeth and I first met at the Exist in Photographs event, we quickly learned in the brief amount of time together that we have a LOT in common. She's a runner (and runs multiple half marathons a year), is a theater geek (and starred in Oklahoma!), and she loves ALL my favorite shows (The Office! Friends! Seinfeld!). She brought her beautiful mother Dede to the EIP event and we had a blast getting to know each other in January. It was a wonderful treat to get to spend time with her doing her photographs to celebrate her high school graduation. :)

Elisabeth, you are such a beautiful soul. And I absolutely can't wait to see what the future holds for you at Furman University in the fall.




Note to self: I need to join a water polo team so I can get arms like these. ;)


Spring is always an exciting season -- new things are beginning and coming to life. Flowers start blooming, summer winds start blowing in, and graduates are chomping at the bit to just get school OVER WITH. Although the last few months of Senioritis are no fun, the good things that are required to complete outweigh the bad. Grad Nite at Disney, class rings (jewelry!!!), and last but not least... senior photos. At least, non-cheesy senior photos ;)

Marissa and I met up in downtown Fort Lauderdale intent on taking some fun, fresh, beautiful photos - and we had THE. BEST. TIME. Marissa is a little fashionista by nature, so we dished on the best style blogs out there in between shots. Marissa is smart, witty, and a great chef, apparently. She even wants to go to culinary school in Pompano, FL. I can't wait to sample one of her delicious creations!


I don't love this picture. I luuuuuuurrrrrve it.


Marissa, you're going to rock the culinary world. Oh, and don't forget to call me when you need a taste-tester . ;)

(But no. Really.)



Seniors : Luke

Sometimes, the stars just align and things go right for me...

Wait. I just wrote that on my last blog with Melinda. Allow me to start over:


Sometimes, you just gotta improvise last minute. I know, I know. Not quite the beginning you were looking for, right? Well, on this particular occasion, we had set a location: downtown Pompano Beach. And we were going to gun for that around 4pm. Until my beloved and sweet mother in law (who lives in Pompano) informed me that there was major construction going on and it would be way less than beautiful in the shots.

Um. What?

It was 3:30.

Of course. My life.

Luckily, she gave me some bad news followed by good news... Lauderdale by the Sea is beautiful, Erin! Why don't you try that? The only major drawback is that I had never been there before... and it was over a 20 minute drive. Light was dying slowly. I packed up Luke, his mother Serena, and the rest of the fam and we set out for Lauderdale by the Sea. All this to say...

Sometimes, just sometimes, the stars just align and things go really really right for me. Unexpectedly. And I love that.

Luke is a very accomplished pianist and plans to go to college for it. He needed some photos of him by his instrument to go along with his applications. I tried to get him to rock the "I'm a WAY serious student and I could beat all of your talent into the ground" face. But in all reality, he's a gracious and smiley pianist. And he just couldn't do it - which (of course) turned out better. Some people just know how to work it all by themselves.



While exploring LBTS, me and Luke found this awesome wall. Since he was in formalwear, I asked him if he would like to change. "What?! Let's just try it." I love an adventurous person. And it produced my favorite FAVORITE photo (right).



I got a shot of a few family members as well. Internet, meet Zack (right).


And Mike and Serena (WORK IT, GIRL). And Katie. 


Merry Christmas to you. - Love, the Ferraguti's.


MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU!!!! - Love, The Real Ferraguti's.


The above photo rests my case that candid and funny photos are way more fun and memorable. I love this family, and I loved the challenge the location brought. It ended up swinging my way.




*By the way, Ferraguti's... you owe me big time for CHANGING YOUR LIFE. You know, by suggesting the BurgerFi key lime pie concrete shake while you waited for me and Luke. You're welcome ;)

Seniors : Melinda Anne

Sometimes, the stars just align and everything falls into place for me. An adventurous, fun person to photograph, gorgeous sunlight, and lots of laughing in between. The minute I met Melinda and her sweet mother Cindy, I knew that there was something super special about her.

Melinda is a breath of fresh air to the world. She is sweet, optomistic, and loooooves country music. And I mean loooooves. She heads up Yearbook at her school (Westminister Academy) and also has a love for photography that she is currently pursuing. She adores dresses and girly things. And her smile is absolutely radiant... and ridiculously easy to photograph. So naturally, we got along like besties for the whole session. 

I was so excited to have Laura from Shine the Light Photography second shoot with me on this session! She is a good friend and gave the final edit a whole new personality with her photos. Thanks for putting up with me, Laura <3


Go on ahead with your bad self, Melinda. Are those boots not the cutest thing of life?





The next few are my faves from Laura. Excited to showcase her beautiful work :)



Melinda, you are a rock star. And I can't wait to see where you end up with your beautiful, optomistic spirit after college! I wish you ALL the luck in the world.



Seniors : Joanna

The other day, I made two ingredient pumpkin muffins. I know, I know. Two ingredients? I must be on crack. Or at least that's what you're thinking. But no - it's true. I stumbled across this easy recipe from Pinterest and made them twice for people - and they were a HIT. I added cream cheese frosting on the top with a sprinkle of nutmeg... and it was absolutely delectable. This kind of recipe makes you feel you're a baking dream (for a not-so-baker like me). Could it possibly be that easy? Yes. Yes, it could.

Some photo shoots I do are just a piece of cake. The lighting is perfect, the weather behaves. Weather is so critical to what I do, and it helps me reflect my style best when it behaves. Sometimes, magic happens.

And on Joanna's shoot, all of the above came true. 

Joanna is now studying at Liberty University in Lynchberg, VA, majoring in English and minoring in Women's Ministry. She has two loves of her life - her golden retriever, Buddy, and her handsome boyfriend, Ben. I love her self-deprecating sense of humor and this girl has maturity beyond her years. Not only that, but her fiery red hair matches her spitfire personality :) And let's just state the obvious - she is GORGEOUS. 





Loved this shoot, loved this girl. The end.