Mahoney Family

The Mahoneys are a sweet, sweet family that I was able to meet recently. They came to our photo session relaxed and game for anything. As we went along downtown Fort Lauderdale, Rachelle and little Caedin started pitching ideas at me. Wonderful, fun ideas that we ran with. I love collaborating and having tons of fun in the short time I spend with a family, and the Mahoneys made it almost too easy.

I had a wonderful time talking with Rachelle through this whole process. She is in the middle of battling her second bout with brain cancer. Although she could feel defeated (and she has the right to be), she is the most positive, radiant woman in the midst everything going on around her. And doesn't she have a sweetest little family?

Caedin loves guns, sour worms, and skittles. He thinks his dad is the coolest. He's also a little comedian and says the funniest things! I loved hanging out with this little dude.

Rachelle, you're beautiful. Your heart is beautiful. Your family is beautiful. I am so thankful we got to meet.

Rachelle is currently trying to raise funds for brain cancer research by doing the "Angels Among Us" 5K family run/walk, powered by Duke Cancer Institute. Will you consider supporting her and help the fight against brain cancer?

Here is the webpage specifically linked to Rachelle and her team :)



Purchase Family

Yes. I'm going to be that girl and show off my in-laws/family on my blog. Jimmy's brother Eddie and his wife, Chelsey, just recently had a little one named Marshall Edward. And I looooooove him. He is such a little character. 

I was honored when they asked me to do their family portraits. I love photographing my family and my in-laws, because it allows me to contribute to our family history in a tangible way.

As I continue pursuing this photography journey, I am coming to realize that it is of the upmost importance that people take a break from their normal daily activities once in awhile and get a moment, a time in their family history, frozen in time to enjoy throughout the years. 

Marshall is five months old now, and he is expressive, curious, and loves anything that he can enjoy in a tactile way (he loved when the wind blew in his face). Most of all, if any kid has rockstar hair like Marshall does, it needs to be documented for the masses to view. Out of sheer jealousy. 

I love this family.


If someone asked me to show them a photo of what a joy motherhood is... I would show them this photo below. Chels, you're a breathtaking mommy. :)






Hope life has been treating you all well lately, like it has me.




Tamayo Family

Lots of times families like the posey-posey stuff... but once me and the Tamayo's got to the park and we were getting comfortable, Amy insisted, "We just want to play. That's what we love to do most, and that's what we want to capture in our family pictures."

Bam. No specific picture, just a blank canvas for me. A FUN blank canvas.



Sometimes, we get wrapped up in pictures being absolutely perfect. We try to control our kids, we try to control the flyaways in our hair, we try to control the weather. Control, control, control. 




It's better that way.







Will, you have my heart. Thanks for showing me where your ears (ee-ohs), tummy, and hair (hay-ohh) are. 



Seniors : Luke

Sometimes, the stars just align and things go right for me...

Wait. I just wrote that on my last blog with Melinda. Allow me to start over:


Sometimes, you just gotta improvise last minute. I know, I know. Not quite the beginning you were looking for, right? Well, on this particular occasion, we had set a location: downtown Pompano Beach. And we were going to gun for that around 4pm. Until my beloved and sweet mother in law (who lives in Pompano) informed me that there was major construction going on and it would be way less than beautiful in the shots.

Um. What?

It was 3:30.

Of course. My life.

Luckily, she gave me some bad news followed by good news... Lauderdale by the Sea is beautiful, Erin! Why don't you try that? The only major drawback is that I had never been there before... and it was over a 20 minute drive. Light was dying slowly. I packed up Luke, his mother Serena, and the rest of the fam and we set out for Lauderdale by the Sea. All this to say...

Sometimes, just sometimes, the stars just align and things go really really right for me. Unexpectedly. And I love that.

Luke is a very accomplished pianist and plans to go to college for it. He needed some photos of him by his instrument to go along with his applications. I tried to get him to rock the "I'm a WAY serious student and I could beat all of your talent into the ground" face. But in all reality, he's a gracious and smiley pianist. And he just couldn't do it - which (of course) turned out better. Some people just know how to work it all by themselves.



While exploring LBTS, me and Luke found this awesome wall. Since he was in formalwear, I asked him if he would like to change. "What?! Let's just try it." I love an adventurous person. And it produced my favorite FAVORITE photo (right).



I got a shot of a few family members as well. Internet, meet Zack (right).


And Mike and Serena (WORK IT, GIRL). And Katie. 


Merry Christmas to you. - Love, the Ferraguti's.


MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU!!!! - Love, The Real Ferraguti's.


The above photo rests my case that candid and funny photos are way more fun and memorable. I love this family, and I loved the challenge the location brought. It ended up swinging my way.




*By the way, Ferraguti's... you owe me big time for CHANGING YOUR LIFE. You know, by suggesting the BurgerFi key lime pie concrete shake while you waited for me and Luke. You're welcome ;)

Fiacco Family

Oh, internet. I've been such a slacker lately. I (still) have so many shoots to update on here! In the midst of the holidays and starting school (and being pregnant), there just isn't enough time in the day. I am so fortunate to have captured so many couples and families over the last few months and I am determined to get them up here and show them off! This is my promise to you. If I haven't blogged in a week, someone please drink the haterade and send me a nasty email. 

One of the shoots I have been dying to share with you is the Fiacco family. They are one of the most fun-loving, easygoing families I have worked with. It's very clear to see how much they adore each other. Priscilla and Olivia (the girls) are full of personality and we had the best time!

Let me take a quick moment to gush on Priscilla's hair. I WANT IT.


Melissa and Nick are adorable... and Livvy is the shy one :)


Outift change!

Oh, sisterhood.

Seriously, Melissa and Nick? Stop being so stinkin' adorable.


America's Next Top Models are on the loose! Look at Livvy looking fierce. Work it, girl!


What a wonderful, relaxing day this was. The weather was perfect, the park wasn't too crowded, and I got to capture a family who genuinely has a great time together. I love my job. :)

Hope this finds you all well <3



Introducing: Adalyn Hope

Baby girls are so much fun. There's no way to explain it... they just ARE. I love the tutu's, bows, and flowers that you can just stick on them and they look adorable and feminine. Now that I'm having a baby girl, my radar is constantly on for cute, unique girly stuff. My new thing is striped leggings in all different colors. Today in Target, I actually did a sneaky detour while my husband was with me to the baby clothes section.  

"BLUE leggings with polka dots!" I exclaim, "And cream with pink stripes! HONEY!! WITH BOWS!!!" I fluttered around, picking up items and yelling out what they were... even though Jimmy was right next to me. I know I'm embarrassing. And I don't care. My loving husband is so patient and ever-so-tolerant of my severe cases of turrets when I see adorable things... especially things with attention to detail.

Attention to detail is something I appreciate SO MUCH, especially when clients take the time to make sure everything is well thought out and reflects them. Laura, Adalyn's mother, is a rock star when it comes to details. For instance, when I arrived at their lovely house in East Hollywood, they had already located a room with natural light and had it all set up for me. Props and cute details included. They made sure their outfits were well coordinated. It made our shoot run so smooth and it helped us maximize our time together. I really truly appreciate every effort clients make to personalize their time with me :)

Let's meet Adalyn!


Can I just say that I'm obsessed with this "A"? Obsessed. I can't wait to make one for my little one. 

(Funny side note here, because I like posting the nitty gritty details... Adalyn was getting fussy at this point, and I really wanted to get a picture of the "A" in the background. However, she definitely needed a passie. Laura left and came back with a pink one that matches perfectly and calmed Addy down. See? DETAILS, everyone!)

This little girl has beautiful, soulful eyes. I feel like she will be a deep thinker, and a sweetheart to all those around her. I can't wait to see her little personality blossom.

Boa? Yes, PLEASE!

Laura and Danny live in East Hollywood and thought it would be fun to sneak downtown for some family photos... so we headed to Young Circle and had some fun! They didn't need coaching at all. 

And then! The sun came out in all it's glory. I know flare isn't everyone's taste... but I adore it.



Laura is an absolutely radiant mom. The picture on the left is my favorite of the day :)

The light set a little and we went to Harrison Street to hang out a little... I'll leave you with this sweet, heart-warming daddy/daughter picture. I absolutely love reading Danny's tweets about how much he loves his girls and the little dates they go on. Makes my heart happy :)


Hugs and kisses to you, Slavich family. I couldn't have spent a Friday night better. 


The Gross Family

I have been so busy in the last month! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU to all of you who have been referring your friends by the boatloads. I am very behind on this blog due to how busy I've been, but I am determined to keep up!

The Gross Family contacted me to do their family photo shoot for Christmas this year, and I couldn't have been more flattered. They are good friends with the family of Jordan, my butterfly girl :) I arrived at their beautiful house in West Davie and I was greeted by two BEAUTIFUL German Shepherd/Black Lab mix dogs. Oh how energetic and lovable they were! They followed me and their human family members all around the property. I had a wonderful time hanging with this family... and I hope you enjoy their pictures!


Seriously... how stinkin' ADORABLE are these two!


Eventually, we went out to their beautiful courtyard to capture some of the buttery light outside...



Coming from a family of four kids, I truly do appreciate this picture. I have one brother and this pretty much sums up my life as a kid:


And I'll end with Kerri and her husband. Soooo adorable and incredibly natural in front of the camera!

I had such a wonderful time with this special family... I'm thankful to have met them. And their adorable dogs :)

Herein starts the holiday blogging madness! Fun stuff to come!



Benny + Sharon

There are people in life who are simply content all the time. Content with what life brings. Content to stay in the same house. Content to live the same way. And really, being content is a good thing. It's a commendable trait. However, being DISCONTENT for all the right reasons is just as remarkable.

Simply (and humbly) put, Benny and Sharon are a team of revolutionaries.  They are discontent in every positive way. Their aspirations, dreams, and passion for their personal education, ministries they are involved in, and city that they serve are so far and above what I could ever dream for myself. Once they complete a goal, they are on to the next thing... at 100 miles an hour. Before they were married, they were individually committed to helping people in whatever way they could. Now that they are a pair, there is NO stopping them. It is quite a remarkable thing to hear them passionately talk about the ways they want to impact their communities for the better. It's inspiring and brilliant, really.

Honestly, I was really honored to be able to spend time with Benny, Sharon and Sharon's mother Sayonara and brother Marcos for Christmas pictures this year. But I am more honored to be able to call them partners in ministry at our church, Crossway Church. 

And now.... the goods!!


After awhile, we brought in their little Chihuahua, Rico Suave. And would you believe it? He was in a SANTA SUIT. 


Can. Not. Stand. The. Cuteness.


After awhile, I stole Benny and Sharon away for some couple pictures!



Seriously Benny and Sharon, could you be more fabulous and fierce right now?!


Marcos and Sharon love each other so much. :) Marcos always has admiration in his eyes when he looks at his older sister. Rightly so - she's an amazing woman!

Benny and Sharon, you both are rock stars. And I love you both dearly. These photos don't do justice to how special you are to me! This was so fun and I can't wait to see your Christmas cards!!



'Tis the Season!

I had the amazing opportunity to kick off my holiday sessions by hanging out with a FABULOUS family that I know from my church, Crossway Church! Christmas is such an opportune (and terribly convenient)  time of year to stop and freeze time on your kids for awhile by taking yearly professional photos of them. They grow and develop so much during the year and it's fun to look at how much their personalities blossom within a year's time :) 

Speaking of personalities, these kids have it by the boatloads! I just adore seeing them every week. I can't wait to look at these pictures in a year and see the difference! 



Everybody, meet Rylan. He's the oldest of all three kids and is such a caring and SWEET big brother. 


Did I mention that these forest green eyes are going to make the ladies SWOON?!


Finley just overflows with fabulosity. She is a princess, a dancer, a model. She dreams big and has an incredible imagination... 

My heart smiles every time she calls out, "MISS EWIN!!"

Work it, girl!


Oh, Beckett. Your big blue eyes and mischievous smile had me from day one.


Say hello to the coolest parents in the world! f you want to train your children on how to smile for photos... take a class from these guys! :) In addition to being wonderful people in general, they are adorable together and compliment each other in every which way.



What a lovely family. Just delightful.

Just because we could, we dressed Beckett up in his Halloween costume. Is this not the cutest little crustacean you've ever seen?! I could just munch on him all day! Oh, those antennae just melt my heart.

I hope the start of the holidays is finding you well. Christmas is in 50something days! I am so excited to see what my other holiday sessions turn out to be like!

I love this family and I love what I do.





August has been too busy for my liking. Lots of deadlines and projects and no time left. I blame it partially on myself, as I have the tendency to over-commit, but on the other hand, it keeps life exciting. Sorry for the lack of pictures but unfortunately, my camera has been in the shop since late June. However, I recently got it back! So hopefully things will pick up around here. :)

The big announcement is... I am now booking picture sessions for the holidays! I am starting WAY early this year because last year, I was still getting calls into the second week of December for Christmas pictures. With the late session and the turn around time for processing, this put everyone into a huge time crunch. Not doing that again.

So, here's the DL for this year:


  • Christmas sessions are the same price as a regular session with me ($200) and will probably last an hour to an hour and a half, depending on how things go!
  • Bring Christmas outfits, some props, and a regular change of clothes. You'll walk away with pictures fit for a Christmas card and also some regular individual portraits for the rest of the year. Sort of a two-fer. You'll be glad you did :)
  • P.S. - Who wants to display Christmas pictures on Facebook all year round when you can also have a small variety of pictures that you can whip out for cards, end of year pictures, birthday pictures, etc? Exactly!
  • Please keep in mind: I will only be booking myself up until Thanksgiving weekend! I have a lot of commitments this Fall and space is EXTREMELY limited. 


If you want to book a date, email me at: 

And just because posts are boring without pictures... I'll throw up some Christmas pictures I had the privilege of taking last year :)









anytime: Lauren Suarez

I was contacted to do Lauren's quinceanera pictures a few months ago, and here we are, already in April. Time flies so fast! I met this family together for the first time at the shoot. Their warmth and love for each other was so apparent. Even though this shoot was primarily for Lauren, I couldn't help but squeeze them in, too! 

Lauren wore the most fabulous dress E V E R. Would you believe her grandmother made it??! The fuschia against her rosy skin was such a good choice. Throw a metallic shoe in there and I'm in love. 

Did I mention Lauren has the biggest and most confident smile in the world? 


And GORGEOUS liquid eyes I could shoot all day.


We walked near a bank with slate grey panels. When Lauren walked by, I made her stop! I love the contrasting colors :) It's one of my fav color combos!

Helloooooo lashes...

My favorite shot of the day...

Hangin' with these girls made me miss my own sisters. They kept debating about who's taller. Welcome to my life. 

A photographer I follow named Zac Wolf did a family shoot awhile back here and in turn, that inspired this shot. I did my own spin here:

I how Yeilany (the mom) exclaimed after this shot, "I haven't kissed my husband in public this much since my wedding!" Yeaaaaah that's right, girl. I get real comfy around my clients  :) 

All in all, I loved this shoot so much! Not only did it make me want to go out and buy a fuschia dress, it made me love what I do even more. I love when my clients come in relaxed and ready for anything. It turns out so well and I'm thankful for their trust. Even though I sometimes jump around like a maniac and tell lame bar jokes... it still turns out alright. 

Although, I did learn the joke of the century that day. I was attempting to tell jokes behind my camera... yanno, the "Sooo a polar bear walks into a bar..." and when I was finished, Kristen all busted out with, "Comic Sans walks into a bar. The bartender turns around and says, 'Get outta here. We don't sure your TYPE here!"

... epic.



Anytime: The Rodriguez Family

I have known Mark and Christine F O R E V E R. They were my junior high youth leaders at my former church, Grace. Since I'm now 21, that creates a little bit of history. I knew them before they had these adorable five children (who I will introduce you to in a minute).

Christine contacted me and asked if I would mind doing a newborn session for their newest addition: Michael! I was so stoked to do it. I had my good friend Casey (who happens to be their aunt) help me wrangle the kids together. It turned out to be so so so fun. The kids are so sweet, full of personality and ENERGY! Plus, they also have a gorgeous property in Southwest Ranches that I have been dying to do something with. Here's what I came up with. Enjoy!


Do you not want to just slurp him up?!



Here are Michael's proud brothers and sisters... they just LOVE him. They kept fighting on whoever could hold him :)

Matthew: Lover. Joyful. Rambunctious. LOVES to smile.

Sarah: Princess. Stubborn. Cute as a button. Breathtaking eyelashes.

Hannah: Loving. Sweet. Caring. Awesome big sister.

Noah: Determined. Confident. HUGE Gators fan. (I'll forgive you this time, bud... GO CANES!) ;)

These wound up being my favorites from the day. The light was soft and ethereal... and Christine is absolutely RADIANT.



Mark & Christine, I can't express how much joy I brought home with me after I spent time with these little rascals. They were so fun and cooperative :) I hope to work with you again! And even if not.... will you give me your backyard? Haha!

Hope this post find you well. If you like what you see, let me know! I have no clue if anyone reads this thing or not :)

Peace & love.