DIY : Photos on Canvas

So, here's the truth. All my DIY (Do It Yourself) come from me having a huge problem and having to find a solution to fix it.

Current Problem: I take pictures of Rowan all the time and FINALLY had the motivation to print them, so I grabbed my digital negatives and I had TONS of prints done. As a result, my home is full of frame after frame of photos. And I'm tired of it. My honest opinion is that you can only do so many frames on one wall until your photos drown and they lose their *POP* appeal on your wall. Boring, boring, boring. 

Solution! Photo canvas art. It's beautiful and adds another texture and interest to your home decorating. But of course, with this solution came another problem.

Subsequent Problem: Getting a photo canvas done is MAD expensive. Like I'm talking anywhere from $40-$120, depending on the size. To which I say, "What the WHAT?!"

GENIUS Solution! I'll do it myself!

After perusing on Pinterest for awhile, a few friends re-pinned this DIY tutorial for mounting a photo on canvas. This was an absolutely perfect solution to my boring wall woes. I'm on a budget (as most of you are), so this is a fantastic and easy gift to do for others - and it doesn't look "homemade" at all. I wouldn't be putting these on my wall if they didn't look clean, crisp, and somewhat high-end.

I don't have a picture tutorial like above, but I'll show you my end result at the bottom. For a more detailed tutorial, feel free to visit the site listed above. :)


So, let's start with the supplies:

Modge Podge (I used the matte)

Canvases (they sell them in photo sizes - and this 16x20 from Joann's is only $10.79 on sale! CHEAP-O!)

Your photos (have a few copies available in case you mess up). I took a series of photos of Rowan sleeping when she was about three months old. I printed an 8x10 and two 5x7 photos.

A foam brush for the Modge Podge



1. Take your canvas, paint a layer of modge podge on, and let it dry.

2. Paint another layer on, then position your photo on the wet layer of Modge Podge. (Note: this stuff dries QUICK, so have a quick hand)

3. While drying, take the outside of your palm, and smooth the photo CAREFULLY on the modge podge to eliminate any bubbles. Let dry.

4. Add another layer of Modge Podge to the top to seal the photo on. Be sure to stroke all the way from one side to the other completely, and not just go back and forth with your strokes. Otherwise, the modge podge will collect and make clumps on the photo. It has a really cool texture when it finally dries. :) 


The end result:

I included the photo on the right for you to see how the edges look :)


As you can see, the edges don't "wrap" like normal photo canvases, but I'm OK with that. I like this just as much because the edges are so clean.

My grand plan is to buy the wood letters "S-L-E-E-P", paint them white, and mount it on the area above the photos to tie it in :) So cool, right?!

Modge Podge: $3.49

Canvases: $13.29 (for three)

Photos: $7

Brush: Already had it.

Grand total: $20.29 (for THREE!)


And apparently, modge podge can be used for SO MUCH. They even have dedicated blogs to this craft supply. I can't believe I didn't know about this before! My next wall art project will be this. Only I will probably be experiementing with Modge Podge instead of tacky glue because I already have it :)

So, what do you guys think of the end result? :) Have any of you ever done any pojects with Modge Podge? Feel free to share the love! 

DIY: Re-vamp your house!

I get tired of things really easy. Ice cream flavors, clothes, movies, you name it. I get obnoxiously restless if my house has stayed the same way for too long. Especially things on the wall. Well, ladies and gentlemen... I have found a solution for my (blatant) problem.


I know. I'm sure you're going, "What?".

What I'm going to share with you is going to blow your mind. Especially since it will cost you little to nothing AND you can change it up as much as you like.

A couple months ago, my dear, pregnant friend Heather had requested some free fabric swatches (samples) from The Land of Nod to look through before she decided on what bedding to choose. She ordered all girly swatches, because she thought she was having a girl. Well, she was surprised to find out that she was actually having a BOY! She had no use for the samples anymore. She wound up giving them to me to look at in case I wanted the bedding she was looking at.

Well, I already had some bedding in place, but I thought the fabric was interesting, so I kept it around for awhile. And this is where it wound up: 


And I'm going to share how to do it. :)

First, get yourself some fabric samples! You can order fabric swatches from bedding suppliers (like Land of Nod), or just buy a cute print at Joann Fabrics. These swatches are a total of about 3 different samples from different beddings from Land of Nod.

Find yourself some frames (both Ikea). I pulled these off my bathroom wall. Boring, boring, boring.

Play with the swatch patterns and land on a design.

I'm ghetto-fab (and not very creative), so I literally TAPED them together from the back side. I also folded over and "taped" a hem on it, so it was a straight line and not fringe-y. 

See? I told you I taped it from behind. Stick it in the frame and you're good to go!

Finished product:

I also did the same thing to another larger frame. I actually BOUGHT the fabric this time :) 

First, lay the fabric down beneath your frame and cut it out to size. Then, before you do anything else, IRON IT. You don't want fabric with creases in it. Ew.

When I initially framed it, I didn't like that the cardboard behind it made the white look super dull. So, I improvised. I layered the back of the frame with Viva paper towels, because they're thick and don't rip easy. Oh yeah. I went there. I like crisp whites and the cardboard behind everything just wasn't doing it for me.

Here's another view, just so you can laugh at my insanity again. 

It worked, though! :) Here's the finished product:

It's not in it's final destination yet, but I love how it came out. And I love that I can change it in a year if I get tired of it.

Yay for new decor!






(p.s. - Um. I'm the biggest nerd EVER, but I hope someone "pins" this one day. HAHA!! One can dream, can't they?!)

DIY: Your Newborn's Portraits

+ Dress up (or down) your baby! I stripped Rowan for these, and added a headband.

+ I chose a location in my house with the best natural light. I knew I wanted a white background, so I just opted to use my bed as a starting point because I have white sheets and a HUGE window. Then, to protect my sheets in case Rowan “spritzed”, I laid down a multi-use changing table pad and covered it with a soft, white Aden + Anais blanket (more on those in a different post) to continue the white background. I even put a pillow under the blankets to help her prop up.

+ Shoot, shoot, shoot. Re-adjust your baby, and keep shooting. Clap, sing, do what you gotta do to distract.

+ Eventually, I moved into Rowan’s room and utilized the changing table because I liked that light better. Again, I used the Aden + Anais blanket to cover up the light pink changing table cover to make it more crisp.

+ Shoot, shoot, shoot. Re-adjust your baby, and keep shooting. :)

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