Baptism: Christian Noah

Last week, I had the chance to photograph a beautiful Catholic baptism for one of my littlest clients, Christian. I have never been to one before and it was such a beautiful experience. I loved the beautiful, vibrant colors of St. Bernadette's church, listening to the comfort of the prayers spoken, and experiencing the joy of the family and close friends as they came together to celebrate a very pivotal moment in little Christian's life. It was a lovely, lovely time. 

I am a broken record, I know - but when clients ask me to return again and again for the little exciting events their lives, it makes my heart burst. I get a front seat to little faces growing up, lovers taking the next step in their lives, and new milestones taking place.

Monika and Wayne, thank you over and over for allowing me to be involved on this special day. I love you and your two little boys to the highest degree. 



Expecting: Megan + Phil

On one of the prettiest evenings we’ve had so far this Fall, I had to chance to sneak away to the beach and meet Megan and Phil and create some photographs together. They’re brand new to the South Florida area and heard about me through some friends (Hi, Noel! xoxo!). It was one of the most fun shoots I have done this year in terms of the hilarious company, and also one of the most inspiring.

Megan and Phil have been through a tornado of life changes (they met, dated, got engaged, and married… all within a YEAR). They recently moved down to South Florida, and now, sweet little Parker Nathaniel is on his way! He is due mid-December and I am beyond excited to meet this little miracle baby!

Yes, miracle.

In the beginning of Megan’s pregnancy, she went to the doctor after feeling not quite right and was told her body was actively preparing for a miscarriage. All the signs were there. Her womb was silent and no heartbeat was found. Megan and Phil were completely devastated.

On the day they planned to go to the doctor and take care of the miscarriage, Megan and Phil’s hearts were in turmoil about the procedure. Not feeling quite right, they made a team decision to take a non-invasive approach instead and allow her body to take care of it naturally. They got sent home.

Well… nothing happened.



At the follow up appointment, there was a heartbeat. There was a kicking, breathing sweet little boy. There was Parker Nathaniel Milakovic.

Miracles do happen. And I’m proud to share this one with you today.





Holiday Mini Sessions!

Hey almost holiday season, everyone!

I am SO excited to announce that I'm doing holiday mini sessions once again! I had so much fun with the families I was able to shoot last year during the holidays, that I decided to open up a limited amount of spots on October 12th and November 9th!

These mini sessions are for those who want a holiday photo to send out to their family and friends, but don't require a full session worth of time. This is definitely ideal for the family whose little ones won't last a full session anyways. The final product will be delivered via Dropbox and will be in your inbox before Thanksgiving :)

SO... here are the details!


Please keep in mind that there is LIMITED AVAILABILITY for these dates. Once all time slots are filled, that's it! Email me at to get started!

I hope to see you! I seriously can't wait for this Christmas season to rev up! :)



Ordination: Steve Tamayo

It's not too often that I post personal things on here anymore (I really should write more) - however, I had the honor of documenting a few photos for the church plant (Crossway Church) that my husband and I are apart of. This past Sunday, we had an ordination service for one of our staff members - Steve Tamayo.

I can remember what a pivotal moment it was years ago at my husband's ordination service to receive that blessing and acknowledgement of his (really, your) commitment to ministry and heart for the church. Many influential people who had shaped Jimmy over the years were able to pray over him. It really was a beautiful moment.

My husband and I are insanely lucky to know Steve and his wife, Amy. Not only are they hilarious and fun, but they have a deep commitment to the local church and the people that they minister to on a daily basis. They are two of the most loyal, non-judgemental people on the planet. They are good listeners. They offer sound, godly advice. They are wonderful parents to their two boys, and talented team mates in ministry. It's a privilege to know them.

We are proud of you, Steve (and Amy). The best is yet to come!



The Magnumm Family

Almost exactly two years ago, I was able to meet Sebastian - a sweet, adventurous toddler who was just learning to talk. We had a fabulous, fabulous time doing his birthday photos. Sebastian's mother, Monika, recently reached out to me again because of a new little addition in their family! To be invited back into a home of a client that I've known before is the highest honor - and even makes the process easier the second time around :)

This time, I did photos here and there of the whole family. I could go on and on about how Christian is just his own little man - already - at seven weeks old... but you'll be able to see that for yourself once you get down to the photo where he's holding up his strong little neck all by himself. This kid is going places! You can already tell determined and persistant are already words that will follow him for the rest of his precious, little life.


Boys and their toys... especially dinosaurs. :)


The Cronan Family

One of my favorite things as a photographer is getting a front seat to the wild, lighthearted fun that exists within every family. I don't know - something just happens when time itself isn't a factor in any activity. Although I technically take people on a photoshoot (and yes, sometimes it can get stressful), my end goal is always to candidly photograph that deep, inner joy and contentment that every family has when they're together in an unhurried environment.

Jodi and Casey are two of the smartest, most hardworking people I've met yet. They are both medical professionals in two separate fields, and (AND!) they have two boys. Their schedules are crazy, the hours are long, and I can't imagine the stress that comes with their daily life. But - they make it work. Somehow.

This time was really special for me. Watching a family that actually has to put the pen to paper to schedule downtime together (versus busyness) have so much fun, brought me a happiness I can't explain.

Jodi, Casey, sweet Jack, and Graham, thank you. Thank you for letting me do this for you, and inviting me in to your super fun world.




After they invited me into their home for a bit... we hit the beach! :)


Jodi, you are radiant.

The Purchase Family

The beach is the place where I find solitude... the place where I can feel small. I love to run on the beach, read on the beach, or just sit and soak it all in. It's a beautiful place I can escape to and expect joy every time I go.

Sweetly enough, my nephew Marshall shares this sentiment with me :) There is not one place this little man loves to spend his time more than near the ocean. The joy on his face is evident - and I couldn't wait to share his joy with you, too.

A dad and his son... nothing like it. :)

Expecting: Mario + Cherise

On a beautiful Thursday afternoon, I met with Mario and Cherise to collaborate on their portrait session before their sweet little girly (!!) comes in July. Not only were Mario and Cherise up for whatever I asked them to do, but they surprised my by bringing all of Alaina's pre-bought Florida Gators gear. She's ready for football season already! :)  We had a wonderfully relaxed time at the park and at the beach, ending it as the sunset faded to the west.

I am so, so, so, so, so lucky to have the clients I do. I had such a great time with you, Mario and Cherise. I can't WAIT to kiss little Alaina's cheeks when she comes!


Laura West

It's about time I bring you up to date with some of my favorite shoots from the past couple of months. One of my favorites in particular, is the adventure me and Laura West went on in Downtown Fort Lauderdale for her graduation photos. See ya later, FAU! :)

One of my favorite things Laura has ever done for me - out of the KINDNESS OF HER HEART - is brought me a bar of chocolate from her workplace. She works at the Trump Hotel not too far from where I am and she knows I'm absolutely obsessed with the reality show "The Apprentice", featuring Donald Trump. She is one of the sweetest (and most talented) people I know, hands down. She's assisted with me at a wedding before and her support and talent was so valuable to me.

But today, I get to show her off. :)

[Um, ps... Her makeup, you guys. CAN YOU EVEN? Laura's good friend Cristen Smith did her hair and makeup. You need to hire this girl.]

Gift Guide for the City Guy

Christmas is almost here, and hopefully all of you have your gifts bought and ready to go. To put it lightly... I just started shopping THIS WEEK. Busyness or procrastination, call it what you want... I do better under pressure. 

For the longest time, I used to absolutely dread this time of year, because my husband is a little hard to shop for. Now that we've been together four years today (!!), I have a pretty good sense of his style and things that he would love, but it used to be so hard! Why, you may ask? Those of you who know my husband know that he has very particular interests. He watches sports occasionally, and would probably appreciate a tie (or at least the thought), but let's be real. There's a new type of guy out there. Let's call him the modern gentleman, if you will.

If you are dating, engaged, or married to one of these guys and are at a loss as to what to buy him, hopefully some of these suggestions help :)


1// Custom Library Stamp

 If your guy is an avid reader and has started a collection, chances are he would LOVE a custom library stamp to give those beloved books that extra personal touch if they're borrowed by someone else. I love this stamp from Besotted Brand.


2// Men's Bag

A man's bag has to be just right, in my opinion. My husband used to prefer backpacks, now he carries a Brooklyn Industries bag. There are many bags out there to choose, but some of these bags just look cool and smart, yanno? Everlane has some great bags on their website right now, for a reasonable cost. I adore the Snap Backpack. 

If your husband is a videographer or photographer, I'd recommend the Kelly Moore Thirst Relief bag. Isn't this bag to die for? SO MANY COMPARTMENTS -- and customizable too!


3// Print for the office or at home

I'm loving the artwork that has been coming out the last year that has really focused on cities in general. CityFabric has these incredible prints of the neighborhoods of select cities around the world. If city life inspires you in general, how amazing would it be to have a print like this in your space? 



4// Pint Glass [from their favorite brewery]

My husband is a little bit of a beer connoisseur... no generic Budweiser or Miller for him. He likes obscure microbrews that no one has ever heard of. When we went to NYC, we toured the Brooklyn Brewery, which turned out to be his favorite beer on tap. If we were thinking straight, we probably would've snagged a pint glass from the shop. If your guy is similar, perhaps a pint glass from their favorite beer company would do the trick :)


5// iPhone case

Make every accessory count! Our phones are whipped out at all times... why not make them a cool statement piece? I've been loving J. Crew's leather iPhone case and these cool Jack Spade (Kate Spade's counterpart) iPhone cases lately... 


6// Modern Reading Light

When you read, you want to have a clear head and be in a relaxed, inspiring environment. Part of that is taking steps to make your reading experience very personalized by making your reading space your own. This lamp from Restoration Hardware pretty much slays you with coolness. Let's be honest. [AND it's on clearance!]


And there you have it! This was a quick guide for sure, but thought it might help shed some light for those of us whose husbands are a little harder to shop for :)




Emelia Surrah Sung

It feels like I've been waiting forever to meet Emelia. When the day came that I got to meet this sweet little one, I sped down to Miami Beach and almost arrived too early -- something I have never been known for in my life. The truth is this, though... There's nothing sweeter than holding a sweet, tiny, baby girlie in your arms. 

Emelia Surrah is a petite little beauty with a fiery side -- even at one month old! We had the most wonderful time that bright and beautiful morning snuggling and playing dress-up with her cute little tutu and headbands. So much sweetness.

As I contemplated the shoot afterwards on my drive home, I felt the overwhelming blessing of what this little beauty has in store for her life. She has patient, loving parents who are ready to give her the universe at a moment's notice, a warm and safe home, and the gumption built inside her to make a change in her world. 

Emelia, you are pure joy. And I can't wait to see what you do with your life.



James Frederick Auld III

Last Friday, I had the opportunity of spending the morning with this wonderful little family. I met up with JimBo and Noel a few months ago to do some maternity photos for them, and now their little handsome prince has FINALLY arrived! Sweet, little James is every bit as charming as he looks. His twinkly blue eyes are totally captivating and my heart soared when he started talking and gurgling to me (squeal!). 

When I have to chance to photograph new life, I grab it. There's nothing better than spending a relaxed morning with a brand new family in their home. Especially in a room as COOL as James' is!

JimBo and Noel, thank you for letting me peek in on your life periodically and capture the fun and sweetness that is your family. 



The Herwig Family

The Herwig family and I met up last week on an absolutely beautiful fall afternoon to get some fun family photos for the year. Aaron, Emily, Holly, Heidi, and Brady are definitely a group that is on the hustle from one activity (sports, church, volunteering) to another, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

I really appreciate that they budgeted time during the busiest season of the year to freeze this year's version of their family. I love them even more for letting me have the privilige of doing it for them. It's sessions like this that remind why I love what I do so much!






Holiday Mini Sessions 2012

Happy holiday season, everyone! 

Christmas is almost here! Can you even believe it?! This is the time of year where everyone starts planning and visualizing their annual family photo card... and I'm here to help!

To greatly reduce the traffic of full-time holiday shoots for me this year, I've decided to offer mini sessions for those who want a holiday (or a regular family) photo to send out to their family and friends, but don't require a full session worth of time. This is definitely ideal for the family whose little ones won't last a full session anyways :)

*Please keep in mind that there is LIMITED AVAILABILITY for thiese dates. Once all time slots are filled, that's it! ;)

SO... here are the details!


If you want more info or have any questions, please free to email me!



Ryan McInerney: TechShepherd

There are times I'm contacted to do things that I've never attempted. Photos of a CEO/President of a company is something I was asked to consider recently that I decided to tackle. When I did my research in preparation for this project, at least in my opinion, corporate photos usually scream out one thing: B O R I N G. 

I asked myself this one question: How can I put a personal twist on it so it's not stuffy, sterile, and boring?!

... I turned to fashion and branding. As a hobby, I love leafing through JCrew and H&M catalogs and paying attention to high fashion brands (Burberry, Tommy Hilfiger) to see how their male models are positioned and what they're doing. Corporate + fashion? Could that work? ... and that was the twist.

To start, I collaborated with Ryan heavily on wardrobe because clothes speak. In Men's fashion, fit and details are king. In addition, we had a discussion on his desired market and what he wanted his clothes (and ultimately, his photos) to say to his potential clientele. He also very emphatic on wanting a HUGE Boca Raton relaxed flare.

I think we did a good job.



Ryan's Company is TechShepherd. Check them out here!


Hope you all are well...



Baltimore Wedding: Steven + Charity

At the end of August, I had the special treat of attending a wedding in Baltimore, MD for my friend Charity that I have known since I was TWO MONTHS OLD. This basically means there hasn't been a minute in my finite remembrance where she hasn't been in my life. (Does that blow your mind? It just blew mine.) 

Oh, internet. There are so. many. stories.

We were the losers in 5th grade. We did gymnastics together. We played pranks on kids together at youth group. Got in trouble. Took our church sanctuary captive and sang loudly and danced to songs AND performed them... in public. We also took a road trip together from Maryland to Niagara Falls and back -- and our chaperones (her gracious Aunt Patty and Uncle Dana) -- didn't kill us. How we made it out of high school alive still baffles me.

Now, I was able to witness one of the most important days in her life and meet her other half: Steven. These two are perfect for each other. Not only do they balance each other out, but they make each other the best version of each other when they're together. They do great and purposeful things as a team.  That? That's love.

This weekend trip blessed my heart. I got to see lots of familiar faces and catch up with some people I'll continue to know for my lifetime.

Steven and Charity, I love you two. Together. Can't wait to see what's in store for your relationship... and to see where God takes you next! (hold on!)




Charity and Steve's little family... Jordan and Shaquille (both 16 years old) were added to their family a couple years ago, and they're an integral part of their everyday life. These boys are blessed to have this couple rooting them on.

And last but not least... my favorite candid photos from the reception :)

A note: For those of you who are saying, "Hey! Wait! She doesn't shoot weddings!" Well... you're right. I'm currently not accepting weddings at this time because of the busyness of my current stage of life. I did, however, bring my camera up with me and was able to capture some portraits for them off the cuff. Hope you enjoyed them :)  ox, e

Boesch Family

The diversity, love, and chaos that you experience when you meet a foster or adoptive family is a feeling unlike any other. Foster and adoptive families are a good time. In South Florida, I've been blessed to meet many families that have decided to take children in unfortunate family circumstances and love them like their own. Although this is a blessing, this family calling is not easy - there is lots of potential for heartbreak when things don't go as planned. But, sometimes... things go right. And new, permanent families are created out of this gift.

Meet the Boesch family. 

John and Megan were foster parents to Eli and Isaiah for quite a long time and finally, the opportunity came to adopt these little ones as their own. They traveled all the way down from Virginia (their residence) to the Broward County Courthouse to make this happen. 

In the courtroom, there were many witnesses and friends present. John, Megan, Eli, and Isaiah have been on quite a journey. All friends and family spoke with a personal story about these two boys and their road to becoming a part of this family. There were lots of tears and beaming smiles.

As time goes on, I realize that the DNA for families are all created differently. Biological, adoptive, foster, whatever. They are all good and perfect and right. I was so honored to be able to witness this amazing family finally be declared as a legal family. Bound to one another. For life. 

Freezing time for families brings me the richest satisfaction. 

Hope you all are well.




(p.s. - Exciting announcement for the holidays coming soon!)

My top 5 camera apps

Ever since I've gotten an iPhone and Instagram took off, I've been obsessed with mixing and matching camera apps to process the photos on my phone. It's definitely trial and error, but I think I've found my top five... and I'm going to share them with you!

These apps are definitely available in the Apple store on your iPhone - some may or may not be Droid friendly. Which pretty much means... you gotta switch over to the dark side if you want some of these. ;)

(If you want to follow all the fun on Instagram, @erinpurchase is my username!)

Here we go!


My fab sister Kelsey in front of Forever 211// Instagram [FREE]

Instagram is similar to a Twitter status feed, but just with pictures. It's the best way to network with other friends to see and comment on their pictures on your feed. There are numerous filters and frames, and it also has a fun tilt-shift option near the top that I use all the time.

I love using Instagram's filters, but I can also take photos from other camera apps in my photo album and import them into Instagram for others to see. I love this app SO MUCH! AND it's FREE. Can't beat that!

My favorite IG people to follow: @taza, @promisetangeman, @thezoereport (Rachael Zoe), and @sisiliapiring.






At C&I Studios in Fort Lauderdale at an Instagram Art Gallery2// VSCO cam [$.99]

I use VSCO presets for Lightroom to process my regular DSLR photos... the same geniuses that came up with that also launched a camera app that allows you to use similar presets for your iPhone photos. All of the filters emulate a certain kind of camera film, which I loooove.

It's also SUPER customizable. To give you an example, you can adjust exposure, add grain or fill light, and throw a vignette on a photo in no time. It's definitely not a "one and done" camera app like Instagram is - you will need to play around with it to find the magic touch. It's well worth the work and patience.






On our way to celebrate July 4th - my absolute FAVORITE holiday!3// Lomora 2 [$1.99]

There is a type of photography called "lomography", which is a film photography done with toy cameras and are typically bright and punchy when they process. This app is reminiscent of that idea, and I have taken some of my favorite sky and city scape photos with this app. There are tons of films to choose from such as the legendary Sensia, Provia, and Ektachrome (I believe I shot this with the R/B film).

Of all the apps I have, this one probably shoots the clearest photos and gives the most definition to the photos I take. :)







Making the all-famous Purchase family salsa!4// Hipstamatic [$.99]

In Lomography (as explained above), there are rules... one of the rules is "shoot from the hip" (see Rule #4). Meaning, change your perspective a little once in awhile. And the "Hipstamatic" app name pays homage to that rule.

This app has different films and lenses, so you can mix and match to achieve your favorite look. Also, Hipstamatic will give out free extra, unique films if you sign up for their emails and actually open them. I've gotten some cool B&W ones for free!

I don't always shoot from the hip, but this photo on your right is a hip shot of when I made the famous, ever-secret Purchase family salsa. Jealous yet? ;)





On location with Rowan for a Carter's shoot in January!

5// Polyframe Lite [FREE]

Sometimes, it takes more than one photo to tell a story and you don't want to flood your Instagram feed. This app is a fun little app that lets you combine your photos into one!

My favorite thing is that you can round edges, and make your own shapes with the photos!








What are YOUR favorite camera apps?!



Victoria Grace Benedict

Dear beautiful Victoria ~

You're finally here after so much anticipation. Do you know how much you're adored already by many? Your sweet face is pure sunshine. You bring so much joy into the world at just a tender four weeks old. The way my heart swelled when I held your tiny body in my hands made my heart swirl with a peace that only fresh little babies can bring.

What a privilege it was to spend time with one of my amazing friends, Linda, and her little princess for an afternoon. I think the best part of these photos for me, is knowing that these two special ladies have each other... for life. That is bliss.




Steven + Naomi: Expecting

Steven and Naomi are no strangers to challenges. For most of their dating life, they were miles and miles apart. Across the country, across California, you name it. Once these two finally got married, they packed up their things and moved to Miami from California to allow Steven to pursue the residency program for Podiatry that he is in now.

After a few years of being together at last, they are now expecting a little girly!! Oh, how I just adore little girls. All the shopping on Etsy for hair bands, all the sparkle and pink... I love it all. One thing that I can't get enough of from my clients is that they tend to be planners and organizers... and Naomi is just that. Once we had a date confirmed, she booked her hair appointment at Blo in Coral Gables, decided on Vizcaya for the photos, and got to shopping for her outfits. She is a little stylista and I can't wait to see how that is passed down to her baby girly when she arrives!

Naomi and Steven, you two will be rockstar parents. And I can't WAIT to meet your little princess!




I think the most endearing thing about this couple is how they can just let loose and make each other LAUGH.